Springtime Allergies are Nothing to Sneeze At – IAQ Products Can Help!

By John Betlem Heating & Cooling / April 4, 2023 /

Once spring arrives, people start to look forward to the warmer weather ahead, and all the beautiful sights of the season. Budding trees and blooming flowers start to dot the landscape, and while they are lovely to look at, they can, unfortunately, cause distress to people who suffer from seasonal allergies. For more information about…

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Ways to Help Your Home Weather a Winter Storm

By John Betlem Heating & Cooling / February 8, 2023 /

As just about anyone who lives in the Rochester area knows, winter storms can cause all sorts of issues in our area. From travel concerns to school and business closures, when the snowstorm hits it can mean treacherous conditions for residents of Rochester and the surrounding area. The best thing you can do, if possible,…

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Why is Home Humidification Important During the Winter?

By John Betlem Heating & Cooling / January 10, 2023 /

Now that the winter months have arrived and the temperatures outside have become chillier, chances are that you’re using your home heating system to keep you warm every day. Many people rely on forced-air heat, where the air is heated at a centralized point (usually by a furnace or heat pump) and then is delivered…

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Is HVAC a Good Career Choice for Women?

By John Betlem Heating & Cooling / October 26, 2022 /

Job opportunities in the field of HVAC, or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, are at an all-time high. At the same time, more and more women are becoming interested in working in technical and engineering fields, such as HVAC. Currently, female HVAC technicians comprise about 9 percent of techs in the United States. This has…

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The Holidays are Coming – Are You Prepared?

By John Betlem Heating & Cooling / October 26, 2022 /

As the old song says, “there’s no place like home for the holidays.” It’s that time of year when we begin to think about celebrations with family and friends, and making sure our homes are comfortable havens for our guests. From the scent of delicious foods and baked goods filling the air to the soft…

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Getting Your Home Ready for Autumn Weather

By John Betlem Heating & Cooling / September 30, 2022 /

Now that fall has arrived, people are spending more time at home and are settling into their usual routines. The kids are back to school, and for most, vacation getaways and fun in the sun are now just happy memories. The autumn season is a great time to get your home prepared for the cooler…

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Fall Allergies? Breathe Easier at Home with Indoor Air Quality Products!

By John Betlem Heating & Cooling / September 2, 2022 /

Many people look forward to the arrival of the fall season. The changing of the leaves, fun outdoor décor with cornstalks and pumpkins, and the often-cooler temperatures make autumn the season of choice for some. However, for those who suffer from fall allergies, this time of year can be uncomfortable. Nobody wants to deal with…

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How Power Outages Can Cause Issues in Your Home

By John Betlem Heating & Cooling / August 23, 2022 /

In the later summer to early fall months, the weather often becomes less predictable. Thunderstorms can pop up without warning, which can often leave homeowners without electricity. While a power outage that only occurs for a few minutes is usually nothing more than a minor inconvenience for most homeowners, a prolonged outage can spell trouble…

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Excessive Home Humidity? Here’s What You Can Do!

By John Betlem Heating & Cooling / July 25, 2022 /

During the summer months, the weather often becomes hazy, hot, and humid. Your home’s air conditioning system can help keep some of the excess moisture at bay, but there are times when the humidity is simply too much for your HVAC system to handle. And, modern homes are very airtight compared to older builds –…

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Is Your Home Ready in Case of a Power Outage?

By John Betlem Heating & Cooling / June 29, 2020 /

  While the summer months bring warmer weather and sunshine, they can also bring thunderstorms – and that can mean a power outage. Nobody wants to think about the effects of a prolonged power outage at their home, but there are many unfortunate situations that can arise. Of course, you won’t have lights or access…

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