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One way to help save money in your home or business is to install programmable lighting in your space. Smart lights operate on sensors that detect motion. The great thing about smart lights is that you can manage them all from your smartphone. So instead of turning lights on and off by hand, you can set it to where it comes on automatically by your phone or motion. The idea behind these lights is to help save energy and only operate when needed. 


There are many things your automated lights can do for you. You can save up to 60 percent on your electricity bill because lights are only used when needed. Installing outdoors can make you feel safer by illuminating areas that are too dark at night. This will help prevent criminal activity while giving you more visibility. Another great benefit to automated lighting is that it can give your room its aesthetic. On certain lights, you can program them to change their intense levels and colors. 


Here at John Betlem Heating & Cooling, we install programmable lights in your home and office to provide you with efficient smart lighting in your space. Our skilled electricians in Rochester, NY, provide excellent service, while every job is backed with a warranty and 100% satisfaction. 

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Save Money with Programmable Lights in your Home or Office

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