Summer is Coming – Be Prepared for These Electrical Concerns

flashlight in brownoutWhen the summer season arrives, many people look forward to fun times outside, but that doesn’t mean we stop relying on our home’s electrical system. It’s important to make sure your electrical system is in good working condition, no matter what time of year it is, but there are some special concerns that you might have during the warmer months.

In this article, we’ll discuss five common summer electrical issues, what you can do to prevent them, and how John Betlem can help keep your home’s electrical system in top condition. Keep reading to learn more!

5 Common Summer Electrical Problems

  1. Increased Electrical Load: In the summer, your air conditioning system runs more frequently and it’s likely that there will be more people home during the day using electronics, and that can add up to an increased electrical load on your system. Signs that your electrical system may be overloaded include sparks from plugs, flickering lights, overheated receptacles, and tripped circuit breakers. An upgraded electrical panel can help if you commonly experience this during the summer months.
  2. Power Outages: Along with warm, sunny days, the summer months can also bring thunder and lightning storms, which may result in full power outages (blackouts) and sudden power surges. Power surges can damage computers, televisions, HVAC equipment and appliances. A whole-home surge protector can help prevent these types of damage to your home.
  3. Brownouts: Brownouts often occur during power outages. They happen for a variety of reasons, such as a summer storm or overdemand on your area’s power grid. Brownouts are not full power outages, but during them power is reduced to your electronics, appliances, and HVAC system, and that can cause overheating and short-circuiting. You should unplug appliances and electronics during a brownout and turn off your HVAC system until power is fully restored.
  4. Frequent Power Surges: During a power outage, you may experience a surge of power when the electricity to your home is restored. However, power-demanding appliances, like AC units, stoves, and refrigerators, can draw excessive power, especially when used simultaneously. Again, a whole-home surge protector can help minimize the effects of power-sapping appliances.
  5. Overuse of Ceiling Fans: Unlike air conditioning systems, ceiling fans don’t actually cool the air, but they help keep the air moving around, which can help you feel cooler. During the summer, change the direction of your ceiling fan’s blades so they rotate counterclockwise, which will help maximize the cooled air in your home. And, to conserve energy and lighten the load on your electrical system, turn off ceiling fans when you’re not in the room. And, if you have older ceiling fans in your home, there are likely more efficient models available that can help you save energy and stay more comfortable.

If you’re worried about your home’s electrical system, and the demands the summer months can place on it, you should contact an experienced electrical contractor like John Betlem. We can help ensure that your electrical system is operating effectively and safely.

John Betlem offers whole-home surge protection and more.

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