Sniffles & Sneezes? Fight Allergies with IAQ Products.

Sneezing womanSpring has sprung, and that means that soon, the trees will be budding, and flowers will be blooming. And, for those who suffer from seasonal allergies, it also means that sniffles and sneezes will be returning as well. While there’s not much we can do to help you combat allergens outdoors, we can help you to improve the air quality in your home.

At John Betlem, we proudly offer a variety of indoor air quality (IAQ) products that can help keep allergens at bay – helping you enjoy fresher, cleaner air and a healthier allergy season. In this article, we’ll talk about the indoor air quality products we offer that can help reduce pollen, dander, and other allergens in your home’s air, and how we can help improve your home’s IAQ. Keep reading to learn more!

Top 6 Indoor Air Quality Products for Allergies

While we offer several indoor air quality solutions, there are some that can really help when it comes to reducing pollen, pet dander, mold, and other allergens. These products include:

  1. iWave Whole Home Air Purification: Available in three models, the iWave provides ultimate air purification for homeowners who are looking to reduce allergens, odors, mold, bacteria, and viruses. The iWave can be installed in any AC or heating system, allowing it to actively purify your whole house.
  2. Ultraviolet (UV) Purification: Our UV purifiers both eliminate mold and bacteria, while killing the organisms that often grow in home cooling systems. Installing UV purification will help you enjoy improved air quality and better performance from your home’s cooling system.
  3. Filtration: Filtration helps to keep your indoor air cleaner by trapping pollutants, allergens and other microscopic particles that can have an adverse effect on your home’s IAQ. And, proper filtration can add to the life of your system, because clean air is passing through.
  4. Dehumidification: Too much moisture in your home can lead to the overgrowth of mold, mildew, and bacteria – leaving you with poor indoor air quality and a host of allergens and pathogens. Dehumidifiers can reduce the moisture that contributes to pathogen growth.
  5. Ventilation: For allergy sufferers, improved ventilation is a better alternative for introducing fresh air into your home than opening windows. Ventilators also help reduce cooking and pet odors and can help rid your home of smoke and other pollutants.
  6. Air Cleaners: We proudly offer air cleaners made to provide ultimate performance and capture and kill technology that filters out pollutants, allergens and pathogens from the indoor air you and your family breathes.

While these products aren’t a cure for seasonal allergies, they can help you manage allergens inside your home, and can help you and your family enjoy fresher, cleaner air.

John Betlem is ready to help you get the IAQ products you need.

When you count on John Betlem to help meet your indoor air quality needs, you can rest assured that we will provide you with expert services and high-quality products. Our technicians are certified in indoor air quality, which means they understand the different causes of poor air quality inside your home and can help you find a custom solution for your needs. If you’d like to learn more about our indoor air quality services, simply give us a call at (585) 366-8869 and we will be happy to help.