Show Your Heating System Some Love by Getting Annual Maintenance

Home Shaped with Love Alphabet and Red Heart Shaped on white wood over white wood backgroundDuring the winter months in the Rochester area, our heating systems often are called upon to work overtime. Our area often experiences cold, chilly weather from October through April, so it’s very important to make sure our heating systems are working both efficiently and effectively. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, why not show your furnace, boiler, or heat pump system some love this February by making sure it gets the annual maintenance it needs?

Heating system maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure that your equipment will be able to handle the hard work of keeping you and your family comfortable, no matter how chilly it gets outside. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the ways annual maintenance can benefit your home comfort equipment, and how John Betlem can help. Keep reading below to learn more!

5 Benefits of Heating System Maintenance

The heating system in your home is like any other type of complex machinery, and requires maintenance to ensure that it’s ready to keep your home warm and cozy once the chilly weather settles in. Here are a few of the benefits of choosing annual heating maintenance for your home comfort system:

  1. Better Efficiency. Heating systems that have not been properly maintained often require much more energy to get the job done. That’s because over time, your heating system can get dirty and parts inside the system can wear down. Heating maintenance helps ensure that your equipment is clean, and all components are well-lubricated and in good condition.
  2. More Effective Heating. The same factors that can cause your heating system to become less efficient can also cause it to become less effective. A poorly maintained furnace, boiler, or heat pump may not be able to meet the heating demands of your home, and that can mean reduced comfort levels for you and your family.
  3. Longer Equipment Life. One of the main benefits of making sure your heating system gets the annual maintenance it needs is that it will last longer. Proper maintenance can catch any small issues before they cause your system to break down completely – which may result in either expensive repairs or the need to replace your system.
  4. Better Indoor Air Quality. If you have a central heating system that heats your home via ductwork, maintenance can help ensure that your system is clean and free of particulate matter like dust, dirt, and pet dander. This means that those particles won’t be circulated time and time again in the air you breathe – improving your home’s indoor air quality.
  5. Warranty Maintenance. Very often, equipment manufacturers require that your home comfort equipment is regularly maintained by a qualified HVAC professional. Failure to do so may void the warranty. If that happens, you may have to pay for costly equipment repair or replacement out of pocket.

John Betlem can help you show your heating system the love it deserves.

Your heating system works hard for you and your family. You can show it your love and appreciation by making sure it has the annual maintenance it needs – and that’s as easy as calling John Betlem Heating & Cooling, Inc. We can help you get the heating maintenance and tune-up you need so that you and your family can experience the best in-home comfort.

We also offer heating maintenance memberships that not only provide you with the annual maintenance you need but also provide benefits such as priority service and discounts on repairs. Simply give us a call at 585.513.2954 and we will be more than happy to help you with any heating service you may need.