How Can I Tell if My Home Needs Better Insulation?

Man in sweater feeling cold adjusting room temperature with electronic thermostat at homeIf you’ve lived in the Rochester area for a while, you know winters can be long and chilly. The National Weather Service describes winters in our area as “cold, cloudy, and snowy” with this weather lasting from late December through March. That’s why it’s so important that we adequately prepare our homes for the cold each year. We can take a few measures to keep our homes comfortable, like getting heating system maintenance and ensuring that our homes have proper insulation.

Having the right level of insulation in your home is important. Not only does it help you stay comfortable, but it also saves you money on energy bills and helps your home heating system operate more effectively and efficiently. You might be wondering how you can tell if your home isn’t properly insulated. In this article, we’ll share some signs you should look out for, and tell you how John Betlem can help you get the insulation you need. Keep reading to learn more!

6 Signs Your Home Needs New Insulation

Many homeowners don’t realize that the insulation in their homes does not have an infinite lifespan. While it’s true that insulation that has been properly installed and maintained can last for decades, there are times when insulation needs to be updated. Older homes may use types of insulation that don’t offer the same levels of energy efficiency as newer types. And, exposure to moisture, sunlight, and pests can cause insulation to become less effective over time.

If you’re concerned about your home’s insulation, here are some ways to tell that you may need new insulation installed:

  1. High energy bills: Good insulation keeps the cold out in the winter and the heated air inside. So, if you have relatively new HVAC equipment but your energy costs are still high, then the chances are your home isn’t properly insulated and your HVAC system is working harder than it needs to.
  2. Inconsistent Temperature: If you find that you’re constantly hiking up the thermostat because your home isn’t warm enough, your insulation could be the culprit. Well-insulated homes keep the heat from escaping, keeping you warmer without having to constantly run the heat.
  3. Frozen pipes: If you seem to experience frozen pipes frequently, it’s essential to have your insulation levels checked. Usually, frozen pipes are a result of poor insulation, and they can burst – which can damage your home and cost you a lot of money.
  4. Pest problems: Rodents like mice and squirrels tend to burrow and make nests in older types of insulation. Unfortunately, they can damage your home, as they chew on wiring, leave droppings, and often get trapped in walls and perish.
  5. Ice dams: Ice dams are a surefire sign of poor insulation because they indicate heat escaping from your roof, melting any accumulated snow during the day. Then, the water freezes at night, causing ice dams and damaging roofing materials – and that can be costly.
  6. Drafty areas: Drafts in your home indicate that you have gaps in your insulation that allow the warm air inside to leak out, and the cold air to funnel in. Gaps around doors and windows can be fixed with weatherstripping, but drafty walls need better insulation.

How can John Betlem help me get better insulation for my home?

You know you can count on John Betlem Heating & Cooling, Inc. for the best in home comfort products and services – and now, you can also count on us to provide the best blown-in attic insulation as well. Give us a call at 585.601.2783, and we will be more than happy to help you with any home comfort service you may need.