Ways to Help Your Home Weather a Winter Storm

Winter Storm Warning Sign With Snowfall and Stormy BackgroundAs just about anyone who lives in the Rochester area knows, winter storms can cause all sorts of issues in our area. From travel concerns to school and business closures, when the snowstorm hits it can mean treacherous conditions for residents of Rochester and the surrounding area.

The best thing you can do, if possible, it to shelter in place in your home until the storm passes and the roads are clear. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can prepare your home for a winter storm, and make sure that it’s a safe haven for you and your family until the inclement weather passes. Keep reading to learn more!

5 Ways to Stay Safe at Home During a Winter Storm

Preparing your home for a winter storm in advance is important. Once a storm hits, it may be impossible to leave your home to get the supplies and equipment you need. Keep an eye on the weather, and if a storm is looming on the horizon, these five tips can help you weather the storm once it arrives.

  1. Make sure windows and doors are sealed. High, chilly winds can make it hard to keep the cold air outside. Sealing any drafty areas around windows and doors with caulk and/or weatherstripping can help. And, making sure your home is properly insulated can keep the freezing temperatures outside, too!
  2. Check smoke alarms and CO detectors. Before a winter storm hits, you’ll want to be sure that your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are in good working order. Have fresh batteries on hand for battery back-up alarms, as well as items like radios and flashlights.
  3. Do not use your gas stove or oven as a source of heat. This is often tempting, but it can emit carbon monoxide into the air and make your home unsafe and even dangerous. Plus, fires can start easily with the open flames of a gas stove – so keep it off unless you’re cooking or baking.
  4. Clear snow from furnace exhaust areas. Check on your furnace exhaust during and after snowstorms, and remove snow from the opening if it builds up. If you do notice a blockage, clear it away by hand, because a shovel or a snow blower could damage the furnace vent pipe.
  5. Consider installing a generator. Often, a prolonged power outage is the biggest threat to your home during a winter storm. A quality generator can help you and your family stay safe. You won’t lose power or heat, and you’ll be able to rest assured that your food is safe to eat. And, if there is anyone in your home with medical equipment that requires electricity, a generator can be vital.

If you need products and services to help you stay safe this winter, John Betlem can help.

From heating services and smoke and CO detectors, to complete generator services and insulation installation, John Betlem is ready to help you make your home a safe, comfortable haven for your family, should a winter storm hit the Rochester area. Simply give us a call at 585.326.4767 and we will be more than happy to help you with any home heating, safety, or electrical need you may have throughout the year.