Make Your Backyard A Comfortable Haven with Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor furniture under a Pavillion on bricksOne thing we know as we navigate the “new normal”, people are spending most of their time at home. As a result, many of us have been looking at ways we can make our homes more comfortable – both inside and out. If you don’t have adequate lighting outdoors, it can be hard to enjoy your deck, pool or patio once the evening hours set in. Since your family will likely be spending more time than ever gathered at home, it might be an ideal time to look at your existing outdoor lighting and consider what you can do to improve it.

You can make your outdoor spaces much more amenable with the addition of some well-placed lighting solutions, whether you just want to relax on your porch or patio as the dusk rolls in, or enjoy an evening cool-off in your pool. Having the proper lighting not only makes for more enjoyable evenings outdoors, it’s also important for your safety. We’re sharing a few ideas to help you decide what type of outdoor lighting best suits your needs.

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You can brighten up your backyard and outdoor areas with these lighting solutions.

  • Patio Lighting: Lighting up your patio can be easily achieved with solutions like uplighting, where the fixtures are placed lower and directed upward, so the lighting illuminates the area around your patio and surrounding landscaping. An illuminated firepit can also add to the ambiance of your patio area.
  • Deck Lighting: If you enjoy a more industrial, modern look, you might want to consider a large-scale fixture for your deck. Not only will a larger fixture add beauty and interest to your deck area, it will also cast a sufficient amount of light on an area like an outdoor bar or cooking space, bringing form and function together.
  • Backyard Lighting: If you have a large backyard, you might wish to consider a floodlight to best illuminate the entire area. You can also opt for some decorative solutions, such as sconce lighting placed on a permanent fence, uplighting placed in strategic areas throughout your backyard landscape, and lights for gazebos and pergolas.
  • Garage Lighting: Although not so much for aesthetics but more for function, having proper lighting on your garage is important. Many people choose to install a motion-detecting light for their garage area, so the light isn’t on constantly, but is available when you need it. It can also be helpful in keeping you aware of any intruders that might be outside your home – both of the human and furry variety!
  • Pool Lighting: If you have an outdoor pool area, having the proper lighting is imperative – both for the enjoyment of your pool, as well as safety. Consider installing inset lighting around your pool area, as well as sconces or torchlights around the perimeter of your pool.

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