When Should I Call An HVAC Professional for My Heating System?

Technician repairing a heating systemAnyone who has lived in the Rochester area knows – winters here can be brutal. Between the cold temperatures and heavy snowfall, most of us brace ourselves once mid-autumn arrives, because winter is coming. That’s why it’s important to make sure home heating equipment is in good working order. Getting annual maintenance is the best way to ensure smooth sailing once the chilly temperatures arrive, but heating emergencies can occur. How do you know when it’s time to call for help with your furnace?

According to Angie’s List, there are some telltale signs of furnace trouble that no homeowner should ignore. If you’re experiencing any of these concerns, the best thing you can do is call in a professional. It’s important to remember that your furnace is equipment that likely uses combustion to heat your home. And because of that, a faulty furnace can be dangerous. At the first of any of the following signs of trouble, it’s important to get ahold of a reputable heating contractor.

Six Furnace Trouble Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

  • Your furnace is running continuously. This can indicate a problem with your thermostat, or with the furnace itself. You can check yourself to see if the filter needs changing, and to make sure that most of your room vents are open. If you check these and still note that your furnace is constantly running, calling a pro is your next step.
  • Your furnace isn’t generating any heat. This is yet another reason to get fall maintenance, because nobody wants to turn their furnace on when the temperatures get chilly, only to find it’s not generating any heat. Make sure circuit breakers and on-off switches are on; if they are and your furnace has power, it’s time to make that service call.
  • There is an odor coming from your furnace. When you first run your furnace, you can expect some must and dust smells for a bit. (This may indicate you need to clean or change your filter.) If there is a burning odor, shut your furnace down and call a pro, and if there is a gas odor, leave your home right away and call the fire department.
  • Your carbon monoxide alarm is sounding. CO is odorless, colorless and can be lethal. If your detector is going off, shut off any gas appliances you have, open doors and windows and leave your home. Call your HVAC contractor right away.
  • Your furnace is making a banging noise. Your furnace should not be unusually loud when it’s running. If you have a radiator heating system, some banging and pinging is normal, but if you have a furnace, it probably means your motor needs repair. The louder or more grinding the noises, the more likely you need repairs right away.
  • There’s a spike in your utility bills. Of course, the winter months mean your energy bills are going to increase. That’s simply a given. But, if there is a large increase in cost and rates with your utility company have not increased, you should definitely have your furnace inspected.

John Betlem can help when you need heating repairs.

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