Need Furnace Repair for Your Rochester Home? John Betlem Can Help.

Technician showing another person furnace insidesThe furnace in your home is an important investment. After all, it works hard all winter long to keep your home warm and your family safe and comfortable. Investing in quality equipment, and having that equipment maintained on an annual basis is one of the best ways you can ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency for years to come. But like any hard-working mechanical equipment, there could come a time when it experiences a breakdown. When you need furnace repair for your Rochester home, make sure you choose a name you can trust.

At John Betlem Heating & Cooling, we’ve been helping people throughout the Rochester, NY area get the home comfort solutions they need since 1941. We believe in providing people with the best products and services available, because we care about your comfort and safety. When you have furnace issues, you need a heating contractor who is able to provide you with expert repair services, done the right way. At John Betlem, we never leave you out in the cold – we offer you the furnace repair you need for your family’s safety and comfort.

Why choose John Betlem for furnace repairs for your Rochester, NY home?

Of course, we can easily tell you to choose us for your furnace repair needs. But we also think you need the right information to make an informed decision. Here are few of the reasons we think we provide the best furnace repair in the Rochester area:

  • In-House Training: We have a training facility on-site, offering our technicians the opportunity to get hands-on experience with all types of HVAC equipment.
  • Passionate Team: More than anything, our entire team is happy to help you! From the moment you schedule an appointment, to the time our technician leaves your home, you’ll see that we care about you and your needs.
  • Quality Equipment: You’ll only get the best equipment that combines the latest technology, incredible warranties and newest features and benefits. We’re proud to offer products from the most trusted names in the HVAC equipment industry.
  • Fully Equipped: You won’t be leaving your furnace repair in the hands of technicians who don’t have what they need to successfully complete the work. At John Betlem, we fully stock our trucks with parts and components, and our technicians have the best tools to do the job right.
  • Family Owned: At John Betlem Heating & Cooling, we’ve been family owned and operated since we opened our doors in 1941. The 4th generation of our family is responsible for the day-to-day operation of our business.

The bottom line is, we care about the furnace repair needs of our Rochester customers.

When it comes right down to it, John Betlem is a company that truly cares about customer satisfaction. Everything we do is so that we can provide you with the top-quality products and services we think you deserve. Better heating for your home is simple – just call us! We can help you get the furnace repair you need for your Rochester, NY home. Just give us a call at 585.326.4767, and we’ll be happy to help.