Electric Baseboard Heaters in Rochester, NY

View of empty living room in a modern new apartment condo house interior with empty yellow walls and an electric baseboard heater installed on the wall

Electric baseboard heaters are great for adding additional heating comfort to a room without the dangers of using a portable heater. Electric space heaters have been popular over the years and are easy to obtain from a local retail store. However, they are also one of the most dangerous appliances to cause house fires. They ignite nearby wall curtains, beds, furniture, and clothing, mostly done while left unattended. Here is where baseboard heaters can help. 


When you upgrade to an electric baseboard heater, you get an appliance that is quiet, safe, and efficient for your home or business. Unlike space heaters, baseboard heaters are installed on your wall without any ductwork. Your electrician will ensure it is away from potential dangers in your space. They will evenly heat an entire room without taking up floor space. And can be controlled by remote control, so that you can turn it on while resting in your bed.


Here at John Betlem Heating & Cooling, we install electric baseboard heaters for your home to better support your home's comfort. We only hire top-notch electricians in Rochester, NY, that will ensure your service is done professionally correct, every time. 

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    Protect Your Home from House Fires with Electric Baseboard Heaters

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