Spring into Energy Savings with These 5 Tips

Hand holding a lightbulb with icons floating around itRight now, we’re spending more time inside our homes than usual. That can mean we’re using more energy than we normally do – and that can translate into higher utility bills. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to ensure your energy usage is under control, and some are relatively inexpensive, or cost nothing.

You can save money on your electric bills right away by making a few small changes in your routine. For instance, choose the cold cycle when you do your laundry. Unplug small appliances like toasters and coffee pots when not in use. And, along with that, unplug laptop and phone charges once your device is fully charged. Those small measures come with no price tag, but can help you save energy and money. Some steps do involve some cost, but the savings they provide down the road often helps them pay for themselves.

5 Ways You Can Start Saving Energy This Spring

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Finding solutions to your energy use concerns is fortunately quite easy. There are many measures you can take to help make your utility bills more manageable, including:

  1. Change out your lightbulbs. Changing out your incandescent lightbulbs with LED bulbs can help you save up to $100 per year in energy costs. Not to mention, LED bulbs last much longer than their predecessors, so you won’t have to replace them as often.
  2. Invest in energy-saving power strips. Also known as advanced power strips, these can help reduce the amount of energy used when an appliance or electronic device that’s plugged into them is idle. Many people don’t realize that televisions, video games, and other devices continue to use energy, even when they’re off. Choosing an energy-saving power strip helps keep that use to a minimum.
  3. Make sure your home is properly insulated. Many times, people think insulation just helps to keep their home warm in the winter. However, it also acts as a barrier to the outdoor heat in the summer months, and helps to keep conditioned air inside. Your AC system won’t have to work so hard to keep your home cool, and that can help you save on those summer energy bills.
  4. Maintain your home comfort system. Getting your home comfort system maintained regularly is an easy way to keep it running effectively and efficiently. Your HVAC company will make sure your system is operating at maximum efficiency, so you can save money on operation costs.
  5. Consider updating your outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting can be costly to install, but like everything else, it needs to be updated on occasion to make sure it’s offering the best efficiency possible. If your outdoor lighting is older, you may want to contact a qualified electrician to help you a high-efficiency outdoor lighting solution that’s right for your home and needs.

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