Need AC for Your Home? Spring is the Time to Save.

Tan piggy bank on a stone path with grass in the backgroundChilly temperatures and large snow piles everywhere certainly don’t bring thoughts of summer. If you’re like many people in New York right now, you may even be wondering if warm weather will ever return. Of course, if you’ve lived here long enough, you know that for as cold as winter is, summer is just as hot. For that reason, you need air conditioning for your Rochester home.

Maybe you’ve never had air conditioning, and vowed you won’t suffer through another hot summer. Maybe your air conditioning system is older and isn’t doing a great job of cooling anymore. In fact, if your AC system is more than 10 years old, it’s probably costing you more than necessary in energy usage.

Today’s modern high efficiency central air conditioning systems are made for excellent efficiency, durability and cooling. They even use a refrigerant that’s environmentally sound and doesn’t harm the ozone layer. But air conditioning systems can be costly. That’s why at John Betlem, we’re making this very special offer to our customers – new AC for thousands in savings.

This is the best offer we’ll make on a new system this year.

We promise our customers that we’ll not only help them stay comfortable, but we’ll also save them money. That’s why we’re offering this incredible deal:

  • $1525 System Rebate
  • $500 Energy Efficiency Rebate
  • $325 RG&E Rebate
  • $250 John Betlem Discount
  • FREE Humidifier or AC Cover

All of this adds up to give you an incredible $3295 in savings – making March the perfect time to purchase a new system. Not to mention, financing is available through our trusted lender, based on buyer qualifications and credit approval. Your John Betlem dealer will be able to give you all the details for this offer, but remember – it’s only valid for a limited time, so give us a call today at 585.326.4767 for your free home estimate.