Need Heating Repairs for Your Rochester, NY Home? John Betlem Can Help

There are a few subtle, as well as not-so-subtle, hints that the heating system in your Rochester, NY home may be giving you if it needs some repair work. If your home isn’t as warm as you’d like, no matter how high you increase the thermostat, then there likely is something going on with your heating system. Likewise, if your utility bills are soaring but the cost of fuel hasn’t increased and your home isn’t being kept any warmer than usual, you probably have a heating system issue. Carrier® has a few tips that can help you decide if your heating system could use a few repairs – or whether the time has come to consider replacing.

According to Carrier, the first thing you’ll want to do is an assessment of your heating system. What is the age of the heating system in your Rochester, NY home? For reference, most furnaces last about 20 years, with efficiencies diminishing based on the age of the system. The older the system, the lower the efficiency rating will be. If you aren’t sure of the efficiency rating of your unit, you can call the manufacturer. When you compare your efficiency rating to your energy bill, you should easily be able to see if your heating system is underperforming. If it is, depending on its age, you will likely need to consider repair or replacement.

It can be frustrating to discover that heating repairs for your Rochester, NY home may either be extremely costly or are extensive enough to warrant a replacement. We know nobody wants to have to purchase new equipment until it becomes absolutely necessary. But did you know that with today’s more advanced heating equipment, your energy bills might lower significantly enough to make up for the cost of your new heating system in just a few years? When repair estimates are significant, you should know that John Betlem will help you find a replacement that fits both your home and your wallet. And, financing is available with approved credit.

However, if we discover that a heating repair is all you need to get your heating system back up and running at its best and most efficient, our highly skilled technicians are ready to help you. No matter what make or model of heating system is installed in your Rochester, NY home, our NATE-certified technicians will easily be able to identify the issue. You can count on John Betlem Heating & Cooling to provide you with emergency services, for the comfort and safety of you and your family. And, when you have a service agreement with us, you’ll get priority service, which means you’ll be at the top of our list for emergency services, even during our busier times. And with a service agreement, you’ll get an annual checkup for your system, making the need for emergency heating repairs far less likely.

We strive to meet your needs in a professional, efficient manner, while making sure your happy with our work. All the heating repairs we do for your Rochester, NY home are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, so that you’ll know you’re getting the expert heating repairs you deserve. Heating repair for your Rochester, NY home is as easy as making the call to John Betlem Heating & Cooling, Inc. We can help you get the repairs you need so that you and your family can experience better home comfort as soon as possible. Simply give us a call at 585.326.4767 and we will be more than happy to help you with your heating repair needs.